PENTAX JUPITER Binoculars - For bright, clear viewing


Paris, March 17, 2022

RICOH IMAGING introduces with  Jupiter series a new range of binoculars

With the new Jupiter series, RICOH IMAGING introduces a new range of binoculars with a particularly good price/performance ratio.


They are characterized by the usual high-quality features of the PENTAX binoculars. The multi-coating of the front lenses with large diameters enables a particularly bright and three-dimensional image.
The housing with a rubberized surface, can be held safely and comfortably even at low temperatures.


A special feature is the screw thread that allows the binoculars to be mounted on a tripod. Especially for the PENTAX JUPITER 16x50, with its powerful 16x magnification, this is an important detail for longer nature observations. This glass has the largest magnification factor of the series. In addition to nature and wildlife observation, it is also suitable for observations of the starry night sky.

The series, consisting of:


A front lens diameter of 40 mm at an 8x magnification factor ensures a bright image. The rubberized body of these highly versatile PENTAX JUPITER 8x40 binoculars provides a secure grip while they focus on observing nature, animals, birds or stars.
With the built-in thread, the binoculars can also be mounted on a tripod for longer observations. 



A front lens diameter of 50 mm with a 10x magnification factor ensures a bright image as fastest binocular in the series.
Due to the relative luminous intensity of 25, it is also particularly suitable for wildlife and nature observation at dusk and dawn.



The PENTAX JUPITER 12x50 is a good compromise for comfortable observation with a 12x magnification. It offers a balanced ratio of magnification factor and speed in the Jupiter Porro prism binocular series. It provides a comfortable and brilliant view, with a wide range of application possibilities.



The series is rounded off with the PENTAX JUPITER 16x50. The binoculars with powerful 16x magnification provide a comfortable and brilliant view for a wide range of applications, but especially for nature observation.


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Pentax Jupiter Binocular


The recommended prices for the binoculars are:

PENTAX JUPITER 8x40 € 89.99 / £ 89.99
ENTAX JUPITER 10x50 € 99.99 / £ 99.99
PENTAX JUPITER 12x50 € 109.99 / £ 109.99
PENTAX JUPITER 16x50 € 119,99 / £ 119,99

The binoculars will be available in May 2022.