5 reasons to choose PENTAX


Purchasing an SLR camera is a big decision. You want a camera to carry with you everwhere, not just on special occasions, and you want to capture in an image all the things you feel. Why not try a PENTAX camera as your own special partner.





Complete dustproof and weather-resitant construction even for accessories

The first ever PENTAX SLR camera with a dustproof and weather-resistant construction that shuts out water droplets and dust was the PENTAX LX launched in 1980. This know-how was utilized over the years to develop and sell many dustproof and weather-resistant products. PENTAX camera bodies aren't the only product with this construction, but accessories are also weather-resistant, including lenses and flash units. Just enjoy shooting outdoors without ever worrying about the weather.




Mount compatibility for using superb older lenses

The K series of SLR cameras feature a superb lens lineup packed with the latest optical technologies, including the D FA series and DA Limited series. On the other hand, more than 380 types of lenses can be used with the K mount, including the M42 screw mount lens used on the Asahi Pentax (AP-type) of 60 years ago, as well as 645/67 mount lenses. Enjoy using your favorite old lenses on the latest digital camera.

* This number includes genuine PENTAX lenses only. As of February 2017.
A compatible mount adapter is required to attach non-K mount lenses.
This number includes products even with minor changes. Does not include third party lenses.




A compact, lightweight design with build-in Shake Reduction

PENTAX DSLR cameras feature an SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism built into the camera body. This feature delivers effective image stabilization on any interchangeable lens, including old lenses. This also makes it possible to keep lenses compact, keeping your equipment light when carrying multiple interchangeable lenses with you. Further application of SR enables innovative features such as Pixel Shift Resolution for capturing high-resolution images, an Anti-Aliasing Filter Simulator, ASTROTRACER for tracking celestial objects during shooting, and Automatic Horizon Correction.


Totally focused on image and product design with all SLR models

Rather than simply recording the subject before your eyes, PENTAX is devoted to recreating the memory color sensed by the eyes and brain, delivering images exactly the way the photographer expects them to be. Particular attention is paid to skin color and greens. The lens, which serves as the eye of the camera, features a lineup with both the ★ (Star) lens series, which delivers crisp quality with a focus on resolution, and the machined aluminum exterior Limited lens series, produced with an unprecedented sensory evaluation method.





User interface designed for superb usability

PENTAX is devoted to uncompromising usability, with a focus on menu display, button layout, and camera grip. This design delivers a level of convenience so high users will never want to let go of their camera after trying it. The Fx Button easily activates the assigned functions, the Outdoor View Setting gives a simple adjustment of the screen to match the surrounding brightness for easy visibility, and the Hyper Operation System (Hyper Program/Hyper Manual) provides super-efficient shooting controls via the front and rear dials.