24.01.24 - PENTAX PF-85EDA a new compact portable spotting scope

Sport Optics


We are pleased to announce the launch of the PENTAX PF-85EDA spotting scope (terrestrial tele-scope). Within its compact, highly portable body, it features newly designed optics incorporat-ing a large 85- millimeter objective lens to deliver a bright, clear field of view for high-quality observations.


Nature observation, and bird spotting in particular, is increasingly becoming a popular sport, offering a wide range of activities from animal observation to excursions to the stars. More and more often, the performance of binoculars is no longer sufficient. This is where PENTAX spotting scopes offer significantly extended fields of view and are able to show even the finest details sharply and with excellent contrast.

The PENTAX PF-85EDA is also available as a kit version with the SMC PENTAX ZOOM EYEPIECE 8-24MM. In addition to the many advantages of the eyepieces in the XW series, this eyepiece offers a variable imaging range with a magnification factor of between 20x and 60x, which corresponds to a field of view of 33m to 17m at 1000m.


The PENTAX PF-85EDA is expected to be available from February 2024. 
The recommended retail price is 1.399 Euro, 1.299 GBP and 1.499 SFr.
A kit version with the SMC PENTAX ZOOM EYEPIECE 8-24MM will also be available. The recommended retail price for this is 1.749 Euro, 1.599 GBP and 1.899.- SFr.


All details please find following this link...