PENTAX Binoculars Papilio Series
PENTAX Binoculars Papilio Series €179,99
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PENTAX Binoculars Papilio Series

A high-performance compact model, giving you a clear view from a mere 50cm to infinity.
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The Papilio is a unique binocular. Of course it’s a fine and compact companion on nature trails and holidays, but when your interests are flowers, insects, bugs or butterflies the Papilio turns out to be an indispensable instrument. No other binocular combines fine handling and easy viewing with an unsurpassed close focus of only 50cm! You can observe nature in its natural habitat without disturbing or missing the finest detail.

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Open up the new world where you can see from the flowers near your foot to the starry skies.

Indoor - Outdoor - Macro


Papilio Binoculars can also be used to see close. Binoculars are not only for looking distant points. By using Papilio, you can observe from close to distant.

Papilio is not only for 50 cm macro observation! You can also observe buildings and the starry skies beautifully and clearly.

A world that you can enjoy thanks to the minimum focusing distance 50cm.

Nearby objects will be clear in detail. Mechanism of "Macro observation" The Papilio series uses a convergence correction mechanism in which the objective lens moves toward the center in conjunction with focusing on the object. Even when looking close, the left and right visions will be almost the same for easy macro observation.


Not only for looking nearby! Can be useful in various scenes.

Papilio can be used in variety of purposes, such as museums, art galleries, botanical observations, concerts, watching sports , and stargazing.


At museums and art galleries
Try using Papilio at museums or at art galleries to look into jewelries, oil paintings, and fine historical works. By looking through binoculars, you can see the details more realistically and can also enjoy the feeling as if the object is floating from the three-dimensional effect. Papilio will be your necessary item when enjoying art works.

For botanical and nature observation
Papilio is very useful for mountain climbing, hiking and local strolls. If you look at the flowers near your feet, you will notice the hidden beauty of the flower and butterfly and the other insects coming and going. Papilio will open up a new world with a different macro perspective.

For concerts and sports watching
Not just for nearby objects, Papilio also has excellent performance as a standard binoculars to look at distant points. The bright vision powered by "Full multi-coating" enhances the realistic feeling when watching sports and live performance.

For stargazings
Although Papilio is good for looking at nearby objects, it is often used by stargazing-lovers as well. It is equipped with technologies necessary for stargazing such as full multi-coating and aspherical lenses.




Realized comfortable visability

Eye piece is flexable enough to be adjusted to the eye width of both children and adults. (Eye width adjustable range: approx. 56 - 75mm)


Compact and portable
As it is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it is easy to carry in a bag or hang around your neck. You can take it out whenver you like to observe.


Possible to observe in details with macro observation (focus distance: 50 cm)! 
I was surprised that even the dots on printed materials became visible when using macro observation!! ・ Even the gestures of small creatures like ants can be observed! Because sufficient distance is ensured, I can see their natural appearance without caution.

Overwhelmingly clear when looking at distant objects! 
It is surprising that I can see the texture, color, and luster clearly when watching wild birds such as swallows perching far away!! ・ With Papilio's binoculars, I think I can see more distant points widely compared to other binoculars. Although I was not used to bird watching, I could observe a swallow catching an insect in low-altitude flight. It's an amazing item.

Feel three-dimensional effect that is not realized with a monocular (focus distance. 50 cm)!
The vision is three-dimensional, unlike a magnifying glass or a loupe! ・Because I can see with both eyes, my eyes are not so strained even after long observation. ・The closer points you look, the more you can observe in detail, which is quite interesting! ・I could see even the rough surfaces of the museum exhibits. The accuracy is so surprising. ・I feel the objects become brighter and clearer compared to when I'm using other binoculars! *Based on the reviews on blogs and SNS of multiple users who are actually using Papilio. The expressions have partly changed.

Helpful when you need to watch from a long distance at a museum!
Even when I need to watch from a long distance such as in a museum, I can feel as it's existing just in front of me! ・Even if it's difficult to see dark parts of an artwork in a dark place, I can clearly see the detailed creation and texture with Papilio. ・I can see the details of large objects such as Buddha statues and huge paintings, and some objects with fine patterns! ・When there are many people in front of me, Papilio is so helpful because I can use it to watch over distant objects.


Embodiment of solid engineering through a long history of production of binoculars since 1938

Since we first introduced binoculars in 1938, we have been studying optical technologies for over 80 years. With the thought that the birdwatching- or stargazing-lovers do not miss a precious moment. When your eyes and our technologies are combined, a new level of excitement will be opened up. PENTAX is always with you.

50cm macro observation Papilio can approach until 50cm from the objects, while normal binoculars can focus them with the minimum distance 2 - 3m. It uses a convergence correction mechanism in which the left and right visions will be almost the same even when looking close, allowing easy macro observation. When you look at insects or museum exhibits, you will get unexpected new discoveries as you can see their details and fine touches.

Full multi-coating Light will be lost little by little as it passes through binocular lenses and the surfaces of prisms. "Multi- coating" prevents such loss of light. As Papilio II has provided multi-coating on all lenses and the surfaces of prisms, it reduces the loss of light and a bright vision is obtained.


High refractive index prism Bak4 High refractive index glass prism with an excellent optical performance. A high-grade prism is used that reflects light completely and produces a bright and clear image over every corner.

Aspherical lens The aspherical lenses realize a clear vision with little distortion over the entire field of view.

Long eye relief Thanks to the long eye relief with 15mm depth, you feel less tired after long observation. Even when you are wearing glasses, you can use it comfortably without any loss of vision.


Rubber casing By covering the entire body with rubber, it has excellent impact resistance and is characterized by comfortable holding without being slippery.

Supports tripod In situations where hand shake is a concern, you can also use a tripod to fix Papilio's position. If the tripod's platform is small, it can be attached directly.

One-touch release strap The strap can easily release with one touch. When you want to remove the strap, it will cause no troubles and can be removed immediately.


Also sufficient basic performance as binoculars.

The unique technology of PENTAX with more than 80 years of history is implemented.
This small body gives you a clear vision beyond your imagination and creates new impressions in everyday life!

Papilio series is greatly useful for looking at both nearby and distant objects!!

This compact body gives you a clear vision beyond your imagination and creates new impressions in everyday life!


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Papilio 6,5 x 21

Papilio 8,5 x 21

Prism Type

Porro Prism

Porro Prism
Lens Construction
•Objective Lens
• Eyepiece Lens

2 elements/1 group
5 elements/5 groups

2 elements/1 group
5 elements/5 groups


Objective lens diameter


Angle of view


Field of view at 1000m / at 1000 yards

131m / 393ft.

105m / 315ft.
Exit pupil


Eye relief


Interpupillary Adjustment

56 to 74 mm / 2.2 to 2.9"

56 to 74 mm / 2.2 to 2.9"
Focus Type


Diopter Adjustment

+4m (-1)

+4m (-1)
Diopter Adjuster

Click-stop adjuster built in right eyepiece

Click-stop adjuster built in right eyepiece
Relative brightness


Minimum Focusing Distance

Approx. 0.5m / 1.6ft

Approx. 0.5m / 1.6ft
Eyepiece Rings

Helicoid type

Helicoid type
Dimensions Approx. 114 x 110 x 55 (H x W x D in mm)
Approx. 4.5 x 4.3 x 2.2 (H x W x D in inch)
Approx. 116 x 110 x 55 (H x W x D in mm)
Approx.4.6 x 4.3 x 2.2 (H x W x D in inch)

Approx. 290g (10.2oz.)

Approx.290g (10.2oz.)
Body Color

Black / dark gray

Black / dark gray

Eyepiece lens cap, case, neck strap

Eyepiece lens cap, case, neck strap
Art. No. 


Market Launch

September 2004

September 2004



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