HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited
HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited €599,99
HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited
HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited

HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited

Super wide lens using HD coating and a round iris diaphragm for delineation performance
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This super wide lens uses an aspherical lens and extra-low dispersion (ED) glass lens to correct distortion and chromatic aberration for delineation performance. The curvature of the first lens front surface was reduced, and it supports use of a circular polarizing filter. The lens also includes a built-in retractable sliding flower-shaped hood.

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HD PENTAX-DA 15mmF4ED AL Limited

The lenses of the Limited Lens Series offer exceptional premium quality. The HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited, which corresponds to the angle of view of a 23mm lens equivalent to 35mm 35mm format, was developed on the basis of the special design concept of the Limited Lens Series and optimised for digital photography. Important parameters are, on the one hand, the distinctive optics and high-quality feel, and on the other hand, an optical construction that has been subjected to constant evaluation based on test shots and assessments by people. The result, in keeping with the Pentax philosophy, offers the best possible image reproduction and a visual impression that cannot be reproduced by measured values alone..


Outstanding Image Quality

Based on the development philosophy of the Limited Edition series, the PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited delivers a distinctive visual description in keeping with the series, as well as a high-quality appearance. This is determined by the high quality aluminium used to manufacture the lens barrel, lens hood and cap. It is hand-finished and has a beautiful texture.

The optical design provides a special image look that, due to its low distortion, delivers dramatic images with the finest reproduction of structures. This is achieved by, among other things, an extra-low dispersion ED lens for brilliant sharpness and rich colours, and an AL aspherical lens to reduce aberrations and provide crystal clear images. At the same time, they feature a state-of-the-art HD coating and a round-shaped aperture to offer even higher digital imaging performance when combined with a K-mount camera body.


HD Coating to enhance imaging performance

  The lens incorporates the PENTAX-developed, multi-layer HD (High Definition) Coating. Compared with conventional multi-layer coatings, it improves light transmittance while reducing average reflectance in the visible ray spectrum. This means that it can deliver clear, well-defined images with minimal flare and ghost images, even under demanding lighting conditions such as backlighting.



Compact Design

By limiting the maximum aperture to F4, PENTAX designed this lens to be extremely compact and lightweight (189 grams) while providing a 23mm wide angle of view in the 35mm format. This ultra-wide-angle lens is easy to carry, and ideal for casual snapshot photography. Thanks to the reduced curvature of the lens’s front surface, it even lets you attach a filter. Integrated into the front frame, the extendible lens hood also facilitates the operation of attached filters, such as a PL filter.



SP Coating

SP coating is a PENTAX-original special coating that provides superior performance in repelling water and oils. It is used on the front surface of the first high-performance lens for effective protection of the lens surface. This coating not only prevents adhesion of dust, water drops, oils, and other substances, but it also makes it easy to wipe off objects that adhere to the lens.

Comparison of dirt adhesion (oil-based ink)

A lens surface treated with SP Coating has a very smooth surface without the adhesion of the oil-based ink.

Comparison of wipe-off (oil-based ink) 

A lens surface treated with SP Coating can be wiped clean more easily and completely, even after the ink has dried.



Other features 

Round-shaped diaphragm for beautiful out-of-focus rendition
Featuring a completely round-shaped diaphragm to optimize the performance of their distinctive optics. This diaphragm produces a natural, beautiful bokeh (out-of-focus) effect, while minimizing the streaking effect of point light sources.

Quick-Shift Focus System
After focusing using the autofocus, the focus ring can be turned to allow immediate focus adjustment using the manual focus.
This feature enables smooth operability by eliminating the need for an AF/MF switching operation. This is useful during closeup photography, for instance, when you want to shoot while making fine adjustments to the focus

The lens mounts for PENTAX interchangeable lenses are based on the bayonet K mount, which has remained unchanged since its inception in 1975. It is a mount unique to PENTAX that features a large aperture combined with superior ease of replacement, accuracy, and toughness. These features are utilized to comfortably incorporate an iris control mechanism, autofocus mechanism, and other functions for enabling nearly complete compatibility with conventional lenses. The PENTAX K Mount keeps its advanced versatility despite differences in camera and lens functions.



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HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited

Lens Type Single Focus - Super-Wide-Angle Lens
Compatible Sensor Size APS-C
Focal length

23mm Equivalent in 35mm format (when attached to PENTAX APS-C size DSLR cameras) 

Maximum Aperture


Minimum Aperture


Lens construction

8 elements in 6 groups

Angle of View (Diagonal)





Cameras with APS-C Sensor

Minimum Focusing Distance


Maximum Magnification


Filter Diameter


Diaphragm Control

Fully automatic

Number of Diaphragm Blades


Maximum Diameter x Length approx. 63mm x 39.5mm

approx. 180g

Usage environment

Temperature: -10°C~40°C (14°F~104°F)
Humidity: 85% or less (no condensation)

Included Accessories

Lens hood - Built in
Lens case #37748
Lens Cap 
Lens Mount Cap K

Compatible  Converter


Art. No. 21470 (Black)
21480 (Silver)



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