PENTAX WG-8 Digital camera

An all-weather digital compact camera highly dependable in harsh conditions


Heavy-duty construction with outstanding protection against water, dust, shock and freeze, perfect for shooting at demanding locations including underwater and in the rain

The product group of sturdy and waterproof compact cameras is becoming increasingly popular. They have a range of functions that other cameras and smartphones do not offer. And so the new top model in this product group shines with a number of interesting features. In addition to a back-illuminated 1/2.3" CMOS sensor with 20 MP, the compact and equally lightweight housing offers a special stability that can cope with almost any adventure - even dives to a depth of 20 metres.
The camera with a zoom range from 28 to 140 mm (equivalent in the 35 mm format) also demonstrates its qualities for school, research and work. A special ring light in combination with a macro distance is able to show even the smallest things on a large scale, and with the webcam function, this can be shared in a small circle or with the whole world.



Sharp, high-resolution images and a five-times optical zoom lens 

Sharp, high-resolution images with approximately 20 effective megapixels and low-noise, high-dynamic-range characteristics The combination of a state-of-the-art back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with approximately 20 effective megapixels and outstanding light receiving efficiency and a high-performance imaging engine mean that the WG-8 can deliver high-resolution, low-noise images that retain excellent resolution even when they are cropped and enlarged.



Within the compact, lightweight body, the WG-8 features a five-times optical zoom lens with an angle-of-view coverage from 5mm to 25mm (equivalent to approximately 28mm to 140mm in the 35mm format), covering a wide range of applications from wide-angle shooting of sweeping landscapes to telephoto shooting of distant subjects.



4K-resolution movie recording

The WG-8 provides 4K-resolution movie recording (at 3840 x 2160 pixels).* In addition to the conventional Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode, it also features the Movie SR+ mode in the HD and Full HD movie recording modes to assure natural, flawless movie clips free of camera shake and distortion. * The maximum recording length or image size of a single movie file is 25 minutes or 4GB.



Outdoor-friendly design, providing easy operation even with a gloved hand

The WG-8 is designed for swift, flawless operation even in harsh shooting conditions. Encased in a solid body made from a high-rigidity aluminum panel, it allows you to shift the shooting mode with a simple turn of the mode dial, while the vertical zoom button makes zooming operation easier. The control buttons positioned on its back panel are widely spaced, making it easy to operate them even with a gloved hand.




Designed for comfortable, speedy operation

The WG-8 allows you to change default settings of the Green and ADJ (adjustment) buttons to desired functions (such as exposure compensation in still-image photography, image size, aspect ratio, ISO sensitivity, and white balance). By customizing these settings, you can personalize camera operation and react more swiftly to ever-changing shooting conditions. The WG-8 also lets you program frequently used shooting modes and/or exposure-compensation settings to the U1 and U2 positions of the mode dial.



3.0-inch LCD monitor with Outdoor View Setting for easy viewing during outdoor shooting

The WG-8 is equipped with a large, high-resolution 3.0-inch LCD monitor (3:2 proportions and approximately 1,040,000 dots). The advanced AR (Anti-Reflection) coating has been applied to its protective cover to minimize annoying glare and reflections during outdoor shooting. To optimize the visibility of the on-screen image, it also features the Outdoor View Setting function, which lets you adjust the monitor’s brightness to a desired level (±2 steps) according to changes in ambient lighting conditions.



Advanced GPS functions and built-in digital compass

The WG-8’s built-in GPS module receives signals from GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), as well as ordinary GPS satellites, and automatically records position data and travel log data onto captured images. Since you can synchronize captured images with their position data on a map, or display travel log data on a map, you’ll have more fun during the post-shooting stages. The WG-8 also lets you imprint GPS data and directional data acquired by the digital compass and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the lower right corner of a captured image. Note: The LCD monitor image is simulated.





User-selectable shooting modes to accommodate all types of applications


A wide range of shooting modes to capture a variety of scenes and subjects

The WG-8 lets you choose the desired shooting mode from 24 options, including: Auto Picture, which automatically detects the type of a scene and selects the most appropriate shooting mode; Underwater and Underwater Movie, which reproduce the natural colors of the underwater world by optimizing white balance to reduce the bluish color cast; and Depth-of-field Composite, which retains sharp focus from the foreground to the background. You can select the mode that best suits your application or subject.


List of scene modes: 

auto picture mode program mode HDR mode Handled night snap mode

Auto Picture






Handheld Night Snap


movie mode high speed movie mode digital microscope mode landscape mode



High Speed Movie


Digital Microscope




flower mode portrait mode underwater mode underwater movie mode







Underwater Movie


interval shot mode interval movie mode surf and snow mode kids mode

Interval Shot


Interval Movie


Surf & Snow




pet mode sport mode night scene mode night scene portrait mode





Night Scene


Night Scene Portrait


fireworks mode food mode digital SR mode report mode





Digital SR






A selection of Image Tone modes, identical with those featured in PENTAX Digital SLR models

The WG-8 provides six distinctive Image Tone modes to add the desired finishing touch to captured images, depending on the subject or your creative intensions. They include: Cross Process, which emulates a unique color scheme associated with a cross-processing film development technique;* Vibrant, which applies bright, rich, vivid colors; and Slide Film, which creates dynamic, high-contrast images resembling those produced by reversal film.

* Cross processing: a film development technique in which the film is treated with an unconventional developer to add distinctive colors to the image.


List of Image Tone modes:
They include: Vibrant, which applies bright, rich colors; and Slide Film, which creates dynamic, high-contrast images resembling those produced by reversal film. 



landscape natural▶Natural






▶Slide Film






An array of creative tools to optimize the fun of picture-taking

Two macro modes

The WG-8 provides a choice of two macro modes: The standard Macro mode lets you capture a close-up image of the small subject from 10 centimeters away, while the 1cm Macro mode lets you close in on the subject to just one centimeter. It also features an Auto Macro mode, which automatically shifts the minimum focusing distance to 10cm without the need for switching to the Macro mode from normal shooting.



Macro (Left): Focuses on a subject between 10 cm and 60 cm from the lens surface. 1 cm Macro (Right): Focuses on a subject between 1cm and 30 cm from the lens surface. Macro (Left): Focuses on a subject between 10 cm and 60 cm from the lens surface. 1 cm Macro (Right): Focuses on a subject between 1cm and 30 cm from the lens surface.


High-power, intensity-adjustable Ring Light handy for movie recording and macro shooting

Positioned around the circumference of the lens barrel, the WG-8’s six-LED Ring Light unit not only allows you to adjust the light intensity at nine levels, but it also lets you select the desired set of lights. You can turn all LEDs on to light up the entire scene brightly and evenly to eliminate shadows, or select only the horizontally or vertically aligned ones to illuminate the subject more three-dimensionally and emphasize its contours. The Ring Light unit comes in handy for applications demanding delicate lighting adjustment, such as macro shooting.




Digital Microscope for effortless capture of the microscopic world

The WG-8’s Digital Microscope mode* comes in handy when you want to swiftly switch from normal shooting to macro photography to capture the amazing microscopic world, which is often difficult to observe with the naked eye. The six-LED Ring Light unit allows you to select a faster shutter speed to minimize camera shake.
* When this mode is selected, the image size is fixed at 3M (at 4:3 proportions).



Flash Off + Flash On option for two-image consecutive shooting

 Two user modes are also provided to save two sets of user-selected camera settings. Flash Off + Flash On option for two-image consecutive shooting In the Underwater mode, this creative option comes in handy when shooting underwater creatures. With a single shutter release, the WG-8 captures two images — one without flash and another with flash — to minimize the time and trouble for camera operation and let you concentrate on the image composition.
* Available in Underwater mode.



Copyright Data Imprint setting

Using the WG-8’s watermark (credit notice) function, you can imprint a total of up to 32 letters, numbers and/or symbols on a captured image. It even lets you select the position, size and color (from seven options) of imprinted data.






Other features:

• Face Detection AF & AE to capture as many as 30 faces in focus • Auto Tracking AF • AF assist lamp • Continuous shooting • Burst shooting • Multi-image continuous shooting • Single-image continuous shooting • Auto bracketing • Dynamic Range options • Self-timer • Smile Capture • Blink detection • Self-portrait assist • Remote control (using an optional remote controller)  • Special accessories like 0.8x wide conversion lens DW-5. Takes 22 mm-equivalent images at maximum wide angle (35 mm film equivalent). Compliant with JIS Class 7 protection. Includes case.l




Webcam function

Simply by switching the WG-8 to the UVC (USB Video Class) mode and connecting it to a computer with an USB cable (included as a standard accessory), it can be used as a web camera* for real-time streaming of Full HD-resolution video images at 30 frames per second. By combining its macro shooting capability with the built-in Ring Light unit, you can deliver fine-detailed images during online business meetings or private online communications. You can also use the optical five-times zoom lens to share a distant subject with the audience.

• When using a tripod, the optional TE-2 Extension Adapter (available separately) is required to avoid interference with the battery cover.
• The webcam function does not provide audio output. We advise using the computer’s built-in mic for audio communications.
• The image resolution is fixed at Full HD at 30 frames per second.
• The LCD monitor is turned off when used as a web camera.
• Camera settings such as the exposure compensation factor and white balance level are not adjustable.
• The duration of webcam usage may be limited due to the camera’s battery capacity.
• When the Ring Light unit is used for an extended duration, the camera’s power may be automatically turned off to prevent overheating.






Worksite applications

Worksite-friendly, heavy-duty design Equipped with a durable, rugged body assuring impeccable protection against water, dust, shock and freeze, the WG-8 is designed to assure a firm hold even with a gloved hand, and provide effortless shifting of various modes with a simple turn of the dials. The lighting-adjustable Ring Light unit comes in handy at poorly illuminated worksites, while the macro modes are useful in recording close-up images of cracks on concrete walls or iron reinforcement bar marks.



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