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For more than 100 years, the name PENTAX has stood for innovation and expertise in the manufacture of optical products like no other company.
In keeping with the impressive tradition we can look back on, our strengths lie in the combination of:
- Performance and precision
- Simplicity and reliability
- Innovation and quality
- Convenience and economy
Last but not least, we set standards with our outstanding price-performance ratio.

With our Sport Optics products, we want to encourage you to observe nature and get a little closer to its details, to develop a passion for it and to realise how worth protecting our fragile environment is.

At this point, we would like to introduce you to our binoculars, the windows to nature.


As on our example binoculars, you will find special information on all binoculars  

1) Series

2) Construction

3) Magnification 4) Lens diameter

5) Main characteristics


Let's start with the different construction series:


Brightness and sharpness to perform in- and outdoors.

When utility and ease of use are what you need, this ultra-compact series is there to carry with you wherever you go. Whether at an action-packed sporting event or an indoor concert, the distinctive design fits comfortably in your hand, while a host of PENTAX technologies work to give you a clear field of view and extreme sharpness edge to edge



A high performance compact model, giving you a clear view from a mere 50cm to infinity.

Papilio is a high-performance, compact model that integrates fullscale functions into a compact, lightweight body, with excellent optical performance and multi-coating technology unique to camera manufacturers. The enhanced fully multi-coated optics with multi-coating applied to all lens and prism surfaces realise a bright clear view. Not only can you fully enjoy long-distance observation, but also Papilio features an originally developed convergence correction mechanism that enables macro observation up to approx. 50cm. The compact body delivers viewing beyond your imagination and creates fresh, new excitement in your everyday life.




Cost-effective series, best suited for beginners, that provides a bright and clear view.

All binoculars of the Jupiter series featuring the multi-coating on the front lens. The result is a brilliant and clear depth to the image. Which is giving a three-dimensional view of the subject.
Binoculars of this series are also well suited for wildlife and nature such as animals, birds or stars observation at dusk and dawn.




Compact and lightweight models with enhanced portability.

Combining stylish, compact design with top-grade performance, each model is fully equipped with basic features from full multi-coating to helicoid eyecups and more. It’s the optimal series for users who want a great view and exceptional portability. It can handle harsh weather conditions thanks to its nitrogen purged waterproof construction*.

*JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1m); not for underwater use.



A bright, sharp and clear field of view. Designed for high-contrast images even under the most challenging light conditions.

Large objective lenses in this lineup offer outstanding light gathering capabilities. Clear, high-contrast images even at twilight or in other low-light conditions make these models suitable for even astronomical observation. A range of
magnification options from 8x to 20x allows you to choose the best model for your needs. Meanwhile, the exceptional, nitrogen-purged waterproof* construction ensures they can stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

*JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1m); not for underwater use.
Except SP 8x40/10x50/12x50/16x50 models.



Extreme sharpness from edge to edge.
A crystal-clear view to satisfy even the most demanding users.

For the ultimate in high-end performance, this top-of-the line family of binoculars features hybrid aspherical lens elements for a clear, sharp target view even at the edge of the field. Exceptional light transmission thanks to phase-coated roof-prisms provides crisp, high-contrast images. Protective coating deflects dust, water and oil to maintain the clearest possible view at all times. Magnesium alloy construction ensures the optimal balance of durability and weight. They are also waterproof* and nitrogen purged to prevent inner lens fogging from temperature fluctuations, ensuring they stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

 *JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1m); not for underwater use.


The second part of the product designation describes the design:

Binoculars can be divided into two categories depending on the design of the light-reflecting prisms inside: Porro prisms and roof prisms.

P - for Porro prism binoculars
Traditional Porro prism binoculars, on the other hand, have the advantage that the design allows a greater distance between the objective lenses, which is crucial for a three-dimensional view. Another important point is the large objective lens diameter (from 60 mm), which enables a large exit pupil and therefore a bright image.
This design is predestined, for example, for observing nature at dusk, but also for water sports.

- Cost-effective construction
- Good optical properties
- Low compactness
- Difficult to hold for long periods of time


D - for roof prism binoculars
Roof prism binoculars are subject to a high degree of precision in production, which is also reflected in the price. The objective and eyepiece lenses are aligned along a straight light axis. This allows for greater compactness and very slim housings.
This design is perfect for hiking or travelling.

- Comfortable to hold even over long periods of time
- Outstanding optical and mechanical properties
- Many models are completely waterproof and dustproof
- The lens diameter is limited, which has an effect on the light intensity


The meaning of the digits

Magnification power depending on your wishes and requirements.

Next comes the number combination, where the first digit stands for the magnification factor, indicating how much the binoculars can magnify the image of an object. The larger the number, the greater the magnification factor

Binoculars with higher magnification offer a greater view of objects and a higher resolution. Magnification is defined by the ratio of the magnified view of an object compared to its apparent size to the naked eye. Imagine watching a concert with 8x binoculars. If the stage was 80 metres away, the experience would be like seeing the musicians from 10 metres away, thanks to the magnification factor of the viewing image. A higher 10x magnification would reduce this imaginary distance to 8 metres and provide a larger image, although the blurring effect would also be more noticeable.

However, binoculars can also be used for observing nearby objects. Most binoculars have a minimum focusing distance of 2 to 3 metres. The PENTAX Papilio II binoculars, however, allow macro-like observation up to 50 cm. This allows you to recognise the finest details of flowers, insects or art objects.

In addition to magnification, the field of view is an important factor. The angular field of view (or "actual field of view") of binoculars has a great influence on your viewing comfort. When observing fast-moving birds or watching sporting events, a large field of view is an advantage as you can continue to follow the subject without looking away. Due to the visual information they provide, binoculars with a wide field of view offer a more dynamic view, while a narrower field of view allows for more focussed, careful observation. In any case, you should make sure to choose binoculars whose entire field of view is clear right to the edges, as a lack of sharpness at the edges of the field of view can tire your eyes.


Bright and detailed view

The next number indicates the diameter of the lenses in millimetres, which provides information about their ability to collect light.
The diameter of the objective lenses is also important. They are like the "eyes" of binoculars, and the larger their diameter, the more light they can capture. This makes binoculars brighter and gives them a higher resolution. To check the brightness of your binoculars, look at the eyepiece lenses from a distance of about 30 cm. You will see circles of bright light in the centre: these are known as "exit pupils" and their diameter provides information about the basic brightness of the binoculars. A bright, perfectly round exit pupil is also an indication of the good performance of binoculars. Choose binoculars with a large, bright exit pupil for stargazing or for observing in poor light conditions, e.g. at dusk or dawn.


However, binoculars are more than just a set of technical specifications that allow you to see objects magnified, they also provide a brighter and more detailed image. The large objective lenses gather more light than the naked eye, allowing you to see finer details of wild birds and flowers, or a greater number of stars and nebulae in the night sky.

Another great visual feature of binoculars is the stereoscopic field of view. By using both eyes, you can view objects while maintaining a sense of depth. This allows you to view a distant object, such as an actor on stage, as if they were very close and had a realistic three-dimensional feel.

Prepared for the field

Also a long eye relief is an important criterion for visual comfort. This is the distance between your eye and the lens of the eyepiece. Binoculars with a large eye relief of more than 15 mm offer spectacle wearers greater comfort even during prolonged observation, as they allow the user to view the entire field of view without having to remove their glasses.


The higher-quality binoculars are equipped with fully multi-coated optics for improved light transmission. Due to their design, the light entering the binoculars is attenuated each time it comes into contact with the lens or prism surface. To prevent this loss of light over several wavelengths, many binoculars are equipped with a multi-layer coating. Depending on the model, PENTAX binoculars have fully coated optics, i.e. every surface that light hits is multi-coated to maximise light transmission and ensure a bright field of view and therefore a high level of visual comfort.

In addition to all these technical data, user-friendliness and the operating feel are also important factors.
You often wear binoculars for long periods of time and are often busy observing for long periods of time, so you should also take into account the changing conditions that you may be exposed to outdoors over a longer period of time.
The following equipment details are important decision criteria.
A rubber-coated housing sits comfortably in the hand and offers good shock resistance. Waterproof protection protects you from sudden drizzle or rain when birdwatching. A nitrogen-purged housing prevents fogging of the lenses inside during rapid temperature drops that can occur during stargazing.


With this brief introduction, we have brought you a little closer to binocular technology.
We are convinced that we can offer the right solution for many situations at a high quality standard, but please bear in mind that the purchase of binoculars is often a decision for a very long period of time and, if in doubt, choose the binoculars with the better data.
And so that you can enjoy your new PENTAX binoculars for a long time, all our binoculars come with a 25-year warranty.

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