Macro D-FA 50 mm F2.8
Macro D-FA 50 mm F2.8 €449,99
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Macro D-FA 50 mm F2.8

Permet la photographie en gros plan 1: 1 dans un boîtier nettement plus compact et léger
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D FA Macro 50 mm F2.8 Cette conception d'objectif macro offre des performances de délimitation supérieures optimisées pour la photographie numérique, comprend un cercle d'image qui prend en charge la taille de film 35 mm (36 mm x 24 mm) et permet la photographie en gros plan 1: 1 dans une taille considérablement plus compacte et légère.

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The smc PENTAX-D FA MACRO 50mmF2.8 lenses have a long tradition in the PENTAX System

The smc PENTAX-D FA MACRO 50mmF2.8 is a classic that has been adapted to the respective new camera generations, and now has particularly high-quality basic characteristics on PENTAX digital SLR cameras.

The usability can be read directly from the product designation.
The "D" indicates that it has been optimized for use on digital cameras without losing its suitability for older analog cameras as well, which is indicated by the abbreviation "FA".
A manual aperture adjustment on the lens allows the user to use this lens on cameras sold as far back as 40 years ago.
And since it covers the image circle for the 35mm full frame, this lens can also be used on the digital cameras with APS-C sensor. Which includes the advantage of having here the image effect of a light telephoto lens with about 75 mm focal length (in relation to the 35 mm format), which can be very helpful especially with insects or butterflies.

In this high performance optical lens, light weight has been combined with great stability and light weight to be able to be there even on extended excursions.

At the same time, the lens system provides excellent imaging performance from the smallest shooting distance to infinity. The close-up range starts at 0.195m and a magnification of 1:1 is possible.

Manual focusing has been improved to allow fast and precise focusing. Here, the Quick Shift focus system supports focus correction. This is because it allows instant manual focusing even in AF mode - without tedious and possibly time-critical switching.

The focus clamping function makes it possible to hold the focusing ring at any fixed point. Especially when used for repro tasks, this prevents the focus distance from being changed independently.

Aperture F4.0, Shutter speed 1/125sec, Focal length 50mm Aperture F2.8, Shutter speed 1/250sec, Focal length 50.0mm, White balance
Auto, ISO sensitivity 400, Finishing touch Natural

Macro D-FA 50 mm F2.8




Distance focale (équivalent au format 35 mm)


Ouverture maximale


Ouverture minimale


Angle de vue

47 ° (lorsqu'il est fixé à des appareils photo reflex plein format PENTAX 35 mm)
31,5 ° (lorsqu'il est fixé à des appareils photo reflex numériques PENTAX APS-C)

Conception de lentille

8 éléments / 7 groupes

Nombre de lames de diaphragme


Distance de mise au point la plus proche


Rapport de reproduction maximal


Taille du filtre


Diamètre x longueur

67,5 × 60 mm




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