The PENTAX WG-Series: Hard-Working Cameras

PENTAX WG‑series cameras are safe for use in a variety of professional settings. Use for record-keeping on construction or building sites and in the lab, warehouse, and many more work-related applications, including job or product inspection, project management, and advertising!






Shockproof to 2.1m 

Shockproof performance helps WG‑series cameras withstand accidental drops. The WG-8/WG-6 has passed our in-house version of the Pentagon MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5–Shock drop test (a drop of 2.1m onto a 5cm. thick plywood surface).


20m waterproof for up to 2 hours

WG‑series cameras can be used worry-free on muddy jobsites, in the rain, or where the sea-spray flies—and any dirt or salt can afterwards be safely washed off with water.

Waterproof: IPX8/ JIS Class 8

Withstand as cold as -10℃ with dustproof quality

With a body that keeps out dust and sand, WG‑series cameras can be used on demolition worksites and in other dusty locations, in cold regions, and on winter building sites.

Dustproof: IP6X/JIS Class 6

Protection against ethanol, sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions

The WG-1000 (only) can be safely sterilized with solutions containing ethanol, sodium hypochlorite (approved as a disinfectant of food additives) or chlorine dioxide, you can use it at medical facilities and production lines.


A lens threaded for 37mm filters

A lens threaded for 37mm filters allows the WG‑6 and WG-8 only, to be used with a wide variety of third-party filters, including PL filters and protective filters to avoid dust, scratches and condensation from the lens.

RICOH-brand protector jackets

Protector jackets are available to shield the camera from impacts and scratches while improving your grip and making the buttons easier to operate.


A wide-angle zoom lens with a minimum focal length of 28mm

 A 28mm–140mm* zoom lens offers a wide angle of view even in small spaces.

*35 mm format equivalent.


Support for wide-angle conversion lenses 

Support for DW-5, 0.8X wide-angle conversion lenses allows focal lengths as wide as 22mm (35 mm format equivalent) (WG-6 onlxy). The DW‑5 not only lets you get large objects in the frame when shooting outdoors, but helps you compose photographs in cramped indoor spaces that offer a limited choice of vantage points. It’s also waterproof*, letting you use it in the rain.

* JIS Class 7.
Note: The WG-6 / WG-8 attached with DW-5 can be stored in the SC‑900 camera case.
Note: The built-in flash cannot be used as the light will be blocked when the DW-5 is attached.


Outstanding macro performance

Outstanding macro performance delivered by the camera’s superior optics lets you shoot close-ups from ranges as little as 10cm for high-resolution photos that capture every detail of your subject, down to its texture and individual lumps and bumps. Perfect for photo records of precision machinery or wherever fine details need be noted.


Choose Digital Microscope mode to shoot from as close as 1cm

Choose Digital Microscope mode for ultra-close closeups lit by the camera’s LED Ring Light, letting you easily record fine details invisible to the naked eye.


Illustration 1: Subject for comparison photos is a crack gauge sclae

Illustration 2: WG-80 / WG-90: 2M resolution, shot at maximum magnification (optical and digital zoom)

Illustration 3: WG-80 / WG-90: 12M resolution (optical zoom: resolution of 12M in Digital Microscope mode available with WG-80 / WG-90 only)

Note: Image size for the WG-6 / WG-8 is fixed at 3M (4:3)



A powerful, adjustable Ring Light

A powerful, adjustable Ring Light with LEDs that can be selectively turned on or off gives you clear, 3D views of cracks and other subjects best examined close-ups. Brightness can be adjusted according to the distance to your subject, preventing loss of detail in highlights when using the monitor to frame shots under the floor and other tight spots.

(WG‑6 only)

Image taken using just the 3 LEDs on one side. Lighting adds shadows. throwing cracks and other details into relief


Equipped for low-light situation

Equipped with the latest technology—a CMOS image sensor that works well at high sensitivities and an image processing engine that excels at noise reduction—WG‑series cameras can be used for flashless low-light photography not only in darkened rooms but even at night with the faintest of light when the subject is too distant to be lit by the flash.

IMAGE 1: Actual brightness

IMAGE 2: Flash: Auto
                 ISO: Auto (125-1600)

IMAGE 3: Flash. Off
                 ISO: 6400
The excelent performance at high sensitives lets you capture background details without using flash




Quick access to frequently used settings 

User modes

Settings can be saved to the U1 and U2 positions on the mode dial for instant recall (WG6 / WG-8 only). These modes offer a hassle-free way of optimizing settings to the job when you need to work fast to take photos for record-keeping. It can also help ensure that different workers operating a shared camera use the same settings.

(WG-6 only)


A customizable ADJ button

The customizable ADJ button on WG-6 / WG-8 only can be used to quickly view and change any one of the few core settings. The button can be assigned whatever feature you access most frequently (at default settings, movie recording is assigned, but its role can be changed via the menus).




Featuring a secure grip designed for the best placement of your fingers on the front and back of the camera, you’ll find the WG‑6 / WG-8 easy to hold even while wearing gloves. The big buttons make it even easier to use. The indentations at the center make the WG‑80 / WG-90 easy to hold and help you keep your grip, even in the rain.
The WG‑6 / WG-8 features three strap eyelets for a choice of two-point strap configurations that the keep the camera out of the way of your work. With its slim design, the WG‑80 / WG-90 fits in the pockets of your work clothes.




The WG-1000 provides two strap lugs for choice of two-point strap configurations. The body shape is easy to hold even when washing off dust, mud, and other dirt.  




Webcam function will start just by connecting the camera and computer with the supplied USB cable. Images not possible with a camera built in to a computer can be achieved through the use of functions such as the Ring Light and the macro shooting function which enable images to be taken as close as up to 1cm from the subject. 


Why using WG-6 / WG-8 as Webcam

・High image quality due to superior optical performance and image processing
・5X optical zoom
・Share detail information such as the print in circuit boards, using macro mode which enable images as close as up to 1cm from the subject.
・Useful Ring Light illuminating the subject in dark places or locations hidden by shadows.

A camera at Easy connection just by connecting the cable

The camera can be easily connected to a computer just by switching to the UVC mode and connecting the supplied USB cable.
This requires no complicated settings or adapter. (The camera is not equipped with a microphone. Use a microphone such as the one built into a computer.)

Support for various web conferencing apps

Verified apps with web conferencing functions that work with the camera: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Messenger

* Use the optional Extension Adapter TE-2 to prevent interference with the battery cover when using a tripod.


High image quality due to superior optical performance and image processing

The camera achieves high image quality with Full HD resolution at a frame rate of 30 fps. The back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and high performance image processing engine allow you to share clear live streaming images. The 5x optical zoom also supports a wide range of shooting scenes.

Skin tones appear bright and clear.

Built-in PC camera  WG-6


* This is an image captured from a computer running Microsoft Teams while using the other model equipped with the same function.


Macro shooting function with the minimum focusing distance of 1 cm*.

The camera provides reliable focusing when close to the subject at an approximate distance of 10 cm in the normal mode and 1 cm in the macro mode.
The webcam function of the  WG-6 / WG-8 enables you to share images of the finer details on small parts and writing in documents in a clear live streaming format. This promotes smooth discussion during meetings and business talks with other people based in remote locations.
The camera can also be held in your hand to deliver images.

*While using the webcam function, autofocus operates at a range of 10 cm to infinity from the front of the lens. When using autofocus at a closer distance than this, press the macro button on the rear side of the camera to switch the focus mode to [1cm Macro] so that you can move the subject closer to the camera at a distance of up to 1 cm from the front of the lens. The subject can also be moved closer to the camera to deliver images.


The WG-6 / WG-8 can show clear images of text that cannot be readable with a camera built into a computer.

Built-in PC camera With Ring Light on


The powerful Ring Light illuminating the subject

With the Ring Light arranged on the outside of the lens that can adjust the brightness in 9 levels, the camera can illuminate the subject at a suitable level of brightness to enable you to capture clear live streaming images that show the finer details of the subject. It also enables you to share clear live streaming images even while working in dark places and locations hidden by shadows.

Use the Ring Light in the macro mode. This enables you to deliver clear live streaming images of fine printed text and similar features on circuit boards.


Lighting up the subject using the Ring Light.

Built-in PC camera  With Ring Light on


Built-in PC camera  With Ring Light on


Support for various situations in business and learning

You can use the camera in situations that require clear and high resolution images, such as during web conferences and business talks on design work and factory work as well as at civil engineering and construction sites, and also when giving product presentations or when teaching at public schools and cram schools.

High-definition images facilitate smooth business talks and make presentations more detailed

* When using the webcam function with the camera mounted on a tripod, the optional “Extension Adapter TE-2” is necessary. (The adapter is necessary to prevent the tripod from interfering with the battery cover when it is opened to access the USB terminal.)
* The webcam function does not have voice capability. Use a microphone such as the one built into the computer being used during the web conference.
* The image quality of the webcam function is fixed at “Full HD, 30 fps”.
* While using the webcam function, the monitor does not turn on. Capture settings such as exposure and white balance cannot be used.
* There is a limit to the time the camera can be used as a webcam based on the battery level. Also, leaving the ring light turned on for a long period of time causes the camera to overheat and turn off automatically.

Approximate times for continuous use when the battery is fully charged (These times vary depending on the room temperature and other factors when using the camera.)

• Ring light OFF: Approx. 360 minutes
• Ring light brightness set to “1”: Approx. 200 minutes
• Ring light brightness set to “5”: Approx. 45 minutes
• Ring light brightness set to “9”: Approx. 20 minutes

* Operating systems that support the webcam function: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, macOS12 Monterey, macOS 11.0 Big Sur, macOS 10.15 Catalina.
* Apps that support the webcam function: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Messenger



 *The camera firmware must be updated to the version 1.06 or later

English version please find here ...

German version please find here ...




More Information





WG Series Comparison Chart



WG-8 / WG-6 WG-90 / WG-80 WG-1000

20 m

14 m 15m (continuous 1 hour)


1.6m 2.0m


100kgf ./.


-10°C ./.
Chemical resistant




Wide and Macro

Zoom lens

Approx. 28mm - 140mm*

Approx. 28mm - 140mm* Approx. 27mm~108mm*
Wide Conversion Lens support

Supports DW‑5 (optional) for a combined focal length equivalent to 22mm*

./. ./.

0.1m–0.6m (over entire zoom range)
1cm Macro: 0.01m - 0.3m (middle zoom position)

0.1m–0.6m (over entire zoom range)
1cm Macro: 0.01m - 0.3m (middle zoom position)
0.05~∞(Wide only)
Digital Microscope mode

Image size fixed at 3M (4 : 3)


Image size can be selected from options ranging from 2M–12M (16 : 9)

*All focal lengths are 35mm format equivalent.


Low-Light Performance

High-sensitivity performance

ISO 125–6400

ISO 125–6400 ISO 100–3200
Ring Light

Equipped with 6 powerful, adjustable LEDs that can be selectively turned on or off, perfect not only for low-light macro photography but also for clear shots of cracks and other fine details.

The Ring Light can be turned on to provide additional lightings in some of the scene mode including macro shooting. Brightness adjustment is also available.




User mode

Settings can be saved to U1 and U2.

./. ./.
Customizable controls

Quick adjustment available via the ADJ button for any one of 6 selectable settings.


Green button

Green button only (1 setting) ./.

Excellent grip provided by rear thumb position and finger pad on front of camera.

Central indentations for a secure grip, and a slim design that allows the camera to be placed securely in a pocket when not in use. ./.
Outdoor View

Strap eyelets

Three eyelets for two-point suspension

One eyelet Two eyelets for two-point suspension
Tripod mount Metal, situated in the center of the camera body Plastic, situated at one end of the camera body Plastic, situated at one end of the camera body




Effective pixels

20 megapixels

16 megapixels 16.35 megapixels

ISO 125–6400

ISO 125–6400 ISO 100–3200
Display size

3″, aspect ratio 3:2

2.7″, aspect ratio 16:9 2.7", aspect ratio 4:3
Display resolution

1040K dots

230K dots 230K dots

./. ./.
Movie recording 4K Full HD Full HD
Movie shake reduction (SR) Movie SR+ MovieSR ./.
External interface USB 3.0 (Type C), HDMI output terminal (Type D) USB 2.0 (Micro B), HDMI output terminal (Type D) USB 2.0 (Type C), HDMI output terminal (Type D)
Filter support

Third-party filters can be used to protect the lens.

PL and other filters can also be used.

./. ./.