Remote Control O-RC1 waterproof
Remote Control O-RC1 waterproof €29,99
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Remote Control O-RC1 waterproof

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Featuring a water-repellent structure, this wireless remote controller can be used safely in drizzle. With a push of its release button, it releases the camera’s shutter immediately or after a three-second delay. It can also access some cameras (K-1 Mark II, K-1, K-3 Mark III, K-3II, K-3, K-5II, K-5IIs, K-5 and K-7) from their backside. It also provides a strap hole.

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Product specifications

Remote Control O-RC1 Waterproof



• The battery cannot be replaced.
• New functions cannot be assigned to the two function buttons.
• Due to its water-repellent structure, this accessory cannot be used in the water or at a location a ected by the water pressure.
• This accessory is not usable with the PENTAX KP.