PENTAX Binoculars AD Series
PENTAX Binoculars AD Series €199,99
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PENTAX Binoculars AD Series

High performance outdoor model
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Full-size performance in a compact-sized body.
All A series Binoculars offer you impeccable viewing quality in a compact portability and durable design, so you can enjoy carrying convenience without compromising performance.

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The AD-series consists of roof prism models with objective lenses < 40mm.
Offering impeccable viewing quality through the application of the same advanced coatings, this series is considered the compact, portable and durable smaller brother of the S-series. Users can enjoy a mobility convenience without compromising optical performance.

Thanks to new fully multi coated lenses, phase correction, BaK4 prism, and new enhanced light transmission coating, these binoculars provide crystal sharp images and superb contrast. They have all the quality features found in the entire range PENTAX has on offer: inner focusing, water and dust proof, nitrogen-purged, fully rubberized body, focus wheel and twist-up eyecups for comfortable handling and easy focusing. Thanks to modern design, compactness and high performance features, they deliver outstanding viewing enjoyment.


New Fully-multi-coated optics

Fully multi-coated lenses serve the essential purpose of maximizing the amount of light passing through a lens, thereby prevent flare and ghosting from interfering with your view. PENTAX applies multiple layers of coatings to every surface of every element and prism in the full Sport Optics line-up. These fully-multi-coated optics assure the maximum light transmission resulting in a clear, crisp view of the world. 


New Enhanced Light Transmission Coatings

PENTAX binoculars take quality optics to the next level by applying a new, optimized film-deposition technology on lens and prism surfaces resulting in increased light transmission which creates bright images with accurate color rendition


Nitrogen-filled waterproof (JIS Class 6)

This construction allow these Binoculars to be used in the most extreme weather conditions and be submerged to 1 meter.

Nitrogen is a chemical element and a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It contains very little humidity and is therefore used to “purge” binoculars and spotting scopes of the high humidity air that is part of our environment. Due to the low humidity factor, nitrogen prevents condensation from forming on the internal lenses of optical instruments during phases of rapid temperature change. Furthermore, because nitrogen is purged into the optical instrument at slightly above atmospheric pressure, dust and other miniscule particles are prevented from entering the housing. 


Helicoid eyepiece with long eye relief design

The long eye relief offered in all PENTAX Sport Optics allows the viewer to see the entire field of view clearly and effortlessly. This is especially beneficial to eyeglass wearers, and allows viewing for extended periods of time without added eye strain.  


Other Features

Exterior rubber coating that provides the binoculars with superb resistance to shocks and impacts.

Ready for Tripod Adapter TP-3 (except AD 9x28, AD 8x25, AD 10x25)







Water sports


Wild life


Bird spotting




AD 8x36 WP X X X  X  X
AD 9x28 WP  X  X X X X
AD 9x32 WP  X  X X X X
AD 10x36 WP  X   X  X X  


AD 8x25 WP  X  X

AD 10x25 WP




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Product specifications

PENTAX Binoculars AD

62881 AD 8X25 WP, 62851 AD 8X36 WP, 62831 AD 9X28 WP, 62791 AD 9X32 WP, 62882 AD 10X25 WP, 62852 AD 10X36 WP

Details AD 9x32 WP & AD 8x36 WP & AD 10x36 WP

Products name AD 9x32 WP AD 8x36 WP AD 10x36 WP
Magnification 9x 8x 10x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 32mm 36mm 36mm
Angle of View 6.7° 6.5° 5.5°
Field if View (at 1,000m) 117m 114m 96m
Exit Pupil 3.6mm 4.5mm 3.6mm
Eye Relief 16mm 16mm 17.5mm
Relative Brightness 13.0 20.3 13.0
Closest focusing distance 2.5m 3m 3m
Height 138mm 155mm 155mm
Width 128mm 129mm 129mm
Thickness 52mm 53mm 53mm
Weight 500g 640g 640g

Details AD 9x28 WP & AD 8x25 WP & AD 10x25 WP

Products name AD 9x28 WP AD 8x25 WP AD 10x25 WP
Magnification 9x 8x 10x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 28mm 25mm 25mm
Angle of View 5.6° 5.5° 5.0°
Field if View (at 1,000m) 98m 96m 87m
Exit Pupil 3.1mm 3.1mm 2.5mm
Eye Relief 18mm 21mm 20mm
Relative Brightness 9.6 9.6 6.3
Closest focusing distance 3m 3m 3m
Height 117mm 110mm 110mm
Width 115mm 105mm 105mm
Thickness 44mm 40mm 40mm
Weight 365g 300g 300g