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The RICOH G900SE is a business-use digital camera designed to be highly resistant to water, dust, shock and chemicals. It’s ideal for use in demanding worksites subject to rain, dust and dirt, and in industries such as construction, disaster relief and healthcare. It supports Bluetooth® and wireless LAN connections, and is compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) cards (FeliCa-, Mifare- and ISO1443-standard, Type A/B non-contact IC cards).


Introduced as the successor to the popular RICOH G800SE (launched in November 2014), the RICOH G900SE has been designed as the function-expanded sister model of the RICOH G900, a camera also being released today. It will be marketed mainly through RICOH’s OA products sales channels.

While upgrading the compatibility of Camera Memo functions and security features, the camera also incorporates a host of new data management functions requested by G800SE users, including: (1) use of a computer-encrypted digital certificate compatible with the Enterprise Wi-Fi system; (2) export of original XML data files; and (3) upgraded camera management features, such as firmware updates and camera setting changes via intranet.

The RICOH G900SE is a digital image-capture, image-management tool highly effective at high-security worksites, infrastructure facilities engaged in electricity, gas and water supplies and road maintenance, disaster relief sites, and public institutions such as local governments, police, fire stations and hospitals.

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