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Innovation is about breaking barriers. For more than 85 years we’ve pushed optical technology to the edge to ensure that world travellers, wildlife adventurers, and devoted birdwatchers and stargazers never miss a moment. The earth beneath our feet and beyond is a gift to be treasured. One view can change you forever. Your eyes. Our engineering.

PENTAX is with you all the way.



Extreme sharpness from edge to edge.
A crystal-clear view to satisfy even the most demanding users.

For the ultimate in high-end performance, this top-of-the line family of binoculars features hybrid aspherical lens elements for a clear, sharp target view even at the edge of the field. Exceptional light transmission thanks to phase-coated roof-prisms provides crisp, high-contrast images. Protective coating deflects dust, water and oil to maintain the clearest possible view at all times. Magnesium alloy construction ensures the optimal balance of durability and weight. They are also waterproof* and nitrogen purged to prevent inner lens fogging from temperature fluctuations, ensuring they stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

 *JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1m); not for underwater use.


ZD 10×50 ED - ZD 10×43 ED - ZD 8×43 ED
ZD 10×50 WP - ZD 10×43 WP - ZD 8×43 WP Visit product page


A bright, sharp and clear field of view. Designed for high-contrast images even under the most challenging light conditions.

Large objective lenses in this lineup offer outstanding light gathering capabilities. Clear, high-contrast images even at twilight or in other low-light conditions make these models suitable for even astronomical observation. A range of
magnification options from 8x to 20x allows you to choose the best model for your needs. Meanwhile, the exceptional, nitrogen-purged waterproof* construction ensures they can stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

*JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1m); not for underwater use.
Except SP 8x40/10x50/12x50/16x50 models.


SD 10×42 WP - SD 8×42 WP
NEW: SD 7x42 ED - SD 10x42 ED Visit product page

SP 20×60 WP - SP 12×50 WP - SP 10×50 WP - SP 8×40 WP
SP 16×50 - SP 12×50 - SP 10×50 - SP 8×40 Visit product page


Compact and lightweight models with enhanced portability.

Combining stylish, compact design with top-grade performance, each model is fully equipped with basic features from full multi-coating to helicoid eyecups and more. It’s the optimal series for users who want a great view and exceptional portability. It can handle harsh weather conditions thanks to its nitrogen purged waterproof construction*.

*JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1m); not for underwater use.


AD 9×32 WP - AD 10×36 WP - AD 8×36 WP - AD 9×28 WP - AD 10×25 WP - AD 8×25 WP 
NEW: AD 7x32 ED - AD 10x32 ED Visit product page

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Cost-effective series, best suited for beginners, that provides a bright and clear view.

All binoculars of the Jupiter series featuring the multi-coating on the front lens. The result is a brilliant and clear depth to the image. Which is giving a three-dimensional view of the subject.
Binoculars of this series are also well suited for wildlife and nature such as animals, birds or stars observation at dusk and dawn.


JUPITER 8x40 - JUPITER 10x50 - JUPITER 12x50 - JUPITER 16x50

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A high performance compact model, giving you a clear view from a mere 50cm to infinity.

Papilio is a high-performance, compact model that integrates fullscale functions into a compact, lightweight body, with excellent optical performance and multi-coating technology unique to camera manufacturers. The enhanced fully multi-coated optics with multi-coating applied to all lens and prism surfaces realise a bright clear view. Not only can you fully enjoy long-distance observation, but also Papilio features an originally developed convergence correction mechanism that enables macro observation up to approx. 50cm. The compact body delivers viewing beyond your imagination and creates fresh, new excitement in your everyday life.


Papilio II 8.5×21 - Papilio II 6.5×21 Visit product page


Brightness and sharpness to perform in- and outdoors.

When utility and ease of use are what you need, this ultra-compact series is there to carry with you wherever you go. Whether at an action-packed sporting event or an indoor concert, the distinctive design fits comfortably in your hand, while a host of PENTAX technologies work to give you a clear field of view and extreme sharpness edge to edge.



UP 8-16×21 ZOOM Visit product page

UP 10×25 WP- UP 8×25 WP
UP 10×25 - UP 8×25 - UP 10×21 - UP 8×21 Visit product page

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A series of new-concept model binoculars and monoculars that feature innovative functions and unique designs, beyond conventional ideas

One of these models is the world‘s first* three-in-one binocular with triple-functions: as four-times-magnification binoculars; as two independent monoculars, by disconnecting the two barrels; or as a telescope, by connecting the barrels inline. Featuring detachable construction, the left and right barrels separate from the centre, and each can be used as an individual monocular, enabling you to gaze at far-off scenery together with a companion as well as to share the same wonderful sense of excitement. The other is a compact, lightweight, high-performance monocular, providing single-handed focusing operation. With the complete kit installed, this monocular can be converted into a microscope or telescope lens for smartphones, enabling a broader range of applications. The waterproof construction realises confident usage during outdoor activities. It is perfect for viewing objects up close for nature observation or at museums.

* Based on RICOH IMAGING research ( as of July, 2020 ).



VD 4×20 WP Visit product page

VM 6×21 WP Visit product page




Bringing you the pinnacle of optical performance. Capture your target in a clear view with excellent operability.

All PENTAX Spotting Scopes feature ED glass elements in the objective lens, providing a sharper image and clear field of view with reduced chromatic aberration. Exceptional rubber-coated shock resistance, and nitrogen-purged waterproof construction* mean you can have confidence in extreme conditions. The optional camera adaptor allows additional functionality as a camera lens, enabling you to enjoy the experience of super-telephoto photography.

*JIS Class 6 waterproof protection (submersible to 1 m); not for underwater use.


PF-65ED II Porro Prism Straight Type
PF-65EDA II Porro Prism Angled Type
PF-80ED Porro Prism Straight Type
PF-80EDA Porro Prism Angled Type
PF-100ED Porro Prism Straight Type

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Eyepieces for Spotting Scopes

smc PENTAX XF Series
High-performance, exceptional value eyepieces exclusively
designed for PENTAX Spotting Scopes.

• Outstanding light transmission thanks to original multi-coating.
• The rotatable eyecup offers an adaptor-mounting screw/thread when removed
(single-focus models: 30.5mm in diameter with a 0.5mm pitch; zoom: 43mm in
diameter with a 0.75mm pitch).

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Eyepieces for Astronomical Telescope/Spotting Scope

smc PENTAX XW Series
Exceptional performance, wide-angle eyepieces with a long 20mm eye relief and water-resistant* body.mical Telescope/Spotting Scope

• Standard XW eyepiece for use with astronomical telescopes also ideally matched for spotting scopes.
* XW 3.5, XW 5 cannot be used with Spotting Scope.
* XW 30-5, XW 40-R cannot be attached to Spotting Scope.
• Features high-grade lanthanum glass with high refraction and low dispersion.
• Original multi-coating and special coating on the laminated surfaces effectively reduce flare and ghosting, achieving extremely high light-transmission performance.
• Removable eyecup allows attachment of an adaptor of 43mm in diameter with a 0.75mm pitch.
*JIS Class 4 splash resistance.

smc PENTAX ZOOM Eyepiece
High-performance water-resistant* eyepiece for astronomical telescopes offering exceptional versatility.
*JIS Class 4 splash resistance.

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PENTAX Lens Coating Technology

Drawing on technologies cultivated in the development of a wide range of cameras and lenses, PENTAX has provided quality binoculars since 1938. We invite you to see for yourself the clear, sharp, contrast-rich view created by our world-renowned optics and innovative coating technologies.

Point 1 New Fully Multi-Coated Optics

Full application of multi-coating maximises light transmission and minimises internal glare and flare. PENTAX applies multiple layers of coating to every light-incident surfaces of lens elements and prisms on most of the models. A lineup you can rely on, from the compact U-series to flagship Z-series.

Point 2 Coating for Enhanced Light Transmission

Our high-end models have undergone a redesign, while a coating, developed with the latest film-deposition technology, has been applied to lens and prism surfaces to dramatically raise visible light transmission.

Point 3 Protects Outer Lens Surfaces from Grease and Abrasive Materials

A protective coating has also been added to protect objective and eyepiece lens surfaces from accidental drops of water, oil or dirt, ensuring they can be wiped clean with ease. (Limited to Z-series and some S-series models.)


Product Naming Scheme

Types of Binocular Construction

Porro Prism Binoculars
True to binocular basics, this
prism design provides high optical performance with great value.



Roof Prism Binoculars
The objective and eyepiece lenses are positioned along a straight light axis. This prism design achieves a compact, lightweight body.